Draft events

Save events as drafts before publishing them. Saved drafts are editable by any admin in the group. Additionally, anyone designated as a host of that event can view and edit the event draft. Draft events are listed under “Pending” at the top of the events tab.

With draft events, admins and hosts have the flexibility to refine event details, seek feedback from leadership, and ensure everything is perfect before your event goes live.

Here's how draft events on Heylo can improve event planning:

  1. Start planning in advance. Take your time to curate the perfect event experience without the pressure of an immediate release.
  2. Co-host editing: Collaboration is the key to success, especially when it comes to event planning. With draft events, any event host or group admin can help get the event organized. They can fill out information like location or linking a bank account, and provide valuable feedback to enhance the event experience. This collaborative approach ensures that all perspectives are considered, resulting in well-rounded and engaging events.
  3. Collaborate with other groups: Event collab requests appear in pending events. An admin can accept or decline any collab request, right from Heylo.