Stores on Heylo provide a platform for groups to showcase and sell branded merchandise or products from partner brands directly to their members. These stores are prominently displayed on the content tab, making it easy for members to discover and make purchases.

Group leaders can leverage stores in two primary ways:

  1. Branded Gear Store: Group leaders can link their own store to offer branded merchandise to their members. This allows members to easily shop for items that represent and promote the group's identity.
  2. Partner Brand Store: Group leaders can also link partner brands that support their group and feature their products in the store. This provides an opportunity to offer exclusive discounts or promotions to group members and drive them to the partner brand's shop.

Stores are designed with a name, cover photo, and description, allowing leaders to provide information and create an appealing shopping experience. Additionally, discount codes can be added to incentivize purchases, and they can be easily copied by anyone in the group.