Reports, analytics, exports

Member roster export

Admins can export their member info into a CSV file from Heylo, anytime. The CSV file can be opened in Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or any other spreadsheet software.

When selecting the export option, admins will receive an email with all member’s info. The info includes:

Note, member passwords and payment information are encrypted and not available for export

Payments export

Paid groups get a special payments dashboard at the top of their admin settings. Any admin in the group can view the dashboard. The dashboard is updated in real-time.

The dashboard contains two views: first, a chronological feed of member payment status including new members, canceled members, and members past due. Second, a list of payment history.

The dashboard can be sorted across various comparison times by selecting the date on the top left.

Payment details can be exported into a CSV file from the group admin settings as well. Payment exports include all payments, fees, and payment sources by payment, all time

Event attendee export

An admin or host can export event attendees anytime.

Custom export

If an admin needs a custom report, get in touch with the Heylo team, and we’ll see if we can help!