Roles help organize, incentivize, and empower group members. Use roles to grant access or controls to certain members.

With roles, leaders can:

  • Recognize key members. Roles are displayed on profiles and at prioritized at the top of the members tab.
  • Grant some admin permissions, but not all. Use roles to give specific permissions to co-leaders.
  • Give paying members something extra. Membership plans can now grant roles to unlock discounts and private topics. 

Roles in action

Leaders are using roles to disseminate information, manage co-leaders, and reward contributors.

How roles work

  1. Create a Role: Create a role with a name, icon, and description. Only admins can create and edit roles.
  2. Add access. Use the role to grant access to topics, events, and benefits.
  3. Grant permissions. Give the role controls over managing the group.
  4. Assign Members: Add members to the role. 

Roles are flexible. Add members at any time, and adjust access and permissions as the needs of the group change.

Roles help groups scale

As the group grows, access can be managed by role. New topics, events, and benefits can be all limited by roles. Furthermore, new roles can support new initiatives. Use a role to help kick-start a new event series, or build a welcoming committee.

Roles are designed to be easy to add and manage. One tap adds members to a role and grants them all the role attributes instantaneously. Another tap removes a member from the role and the reverse applies.

Financial sustainability with roles

Roles can incentivize supporting memberships by offering exclusive perks. Use roles to encourage more members to contribute financially to the group with Heylo payments.