Onboard and import from another platform

Onboarding your members is seamless with Heylo. Whether you have a group chat, email list, or another platform, onboarding your members to Heylo is as easy as copying and pasting. Members do not need to download a new app and can sign up with one tap.

Migrating from a group chat with a link

If your members use a group chat like Whatsapp, text, or GroupMe, simply use your link! You can copy your link and paste it into your existing group chat. Members who click the link will be directed to join your group upon signing up.

Migrating from an existing platform

If you have your member roster or directory with member emails from another platform, Heylo has personalized onboarding for your members! Share your member roster with the Heylo team via support chat or support@heylo.co, and Heylo onboards each member individually and automatically uploads all the applicable existing information from the roster.

Here's how it works: Heylo sends a personalized email to each member. The email contains a custom link unique to that member with all their information from the member roster. It can include everything from their email, name, attendance, and emergency contact to their membership plan, renewal date, and payment info. When members accept the invitation and click the link, the information is automatically added to their account. They can confirm their information is correct when they join.

Personalized onboarding invite links are one-time use to maintain security. If a member skips the email and signs up directly in Heylo, no problem! Heylo matches their email with the corresponding email in the member roster and automatically adds their info.

See a sample member roster for import.

When members join Heylo, not only do they confirm their info, but they also see all the group's events, communications, and members!

 As a leader recently with personalized onboarding recently said, "You guys are great. My members are loving Heylo. I have not gotten one single complaint, ZERO!"