Getting started

Heylo is a community management platform for in-person groups. On Heylo, a group is a dedicated space for only people in the group. It contains tools for organization, communication, and payments that help people in the group meet, get together, and ultimately belong.

To build a meaningful community, authenticity is mandatory. On Heylo, everyone is encouraged to use their real name and photo and show up the way they want to be seen, in real life.

Heylo is available everywhere your members are - in an app or on a browser, from the phone, tablet, or computer. It’s also integrated with email, so even if your members don’t sign up, they can still get the most important info from your group, right to their inbox.

Curious about what Heylo looks like? Experience the sample group on Heylo.

Successful groups on Heylo

Heylo is proud to support thousands of groups around the world, from Hong Kong to Hawaii, ranging from run crews to reading clubs. Here’s a quick sample:


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Bulk invites by email

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