Message reactions on Heylo provide a convenient way to respond to a message without a full written reply. To react, tap or long-press on a message in the mobile app or click a message on the Heylo desktop to access a range of reaction emojis.

  • ❤️ for love
  • 😆 for laughter or humor
  • 😧 for surprise or shock
  • 😡 for anger or frustration
  • 🔥 for excitement or energy
  • 🙌 for admiration or support
  • 👍 for liking or approval
  • 👎 for disliking or expressing a negative sentiment

When submitting a reaction, only the message sender receives a notification. Notifications are limited to push notifications and notification center.

To remove a reaction, select the “+” icon and then tap or click the selected reaction again. The reaction is removed, and no notification is sent.