Membership plans

Membership plans provide admins complete control and flexibility to collect recurring membership payments. Admins can create as many membership plans as needed to meet their members' needs.

Membership plans can either be visible to members, or hidden. Members can view and select between all visible membership plans. Hidden membership plans require an admin to add a member. Hidden membership plans can be used for special, restricted pricing or VIP members. 

Each membership plan can be customized:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Price
  • Initiation fee (one-time charge added to the first payment)
  • Frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Visibility
  • Admin approval (requires an admin to approve members on that plan)

For annual membership tiers, paid members will receive an email and push notification reminder 30 days before their annual billing period renews.

Admins can designate which membership plan to be the default. Thereafter, membership plans are sorted by price, with the highest price first. There is no limit to the number of membership plans; however, the Heylo team recommends no more than 3 visible plans to avoid member confusion. Membership plans can be added anytime, even after the membership is launched.

To edit a membership plan, tap the plan in the membership plan section of the admin settings, and select “edit”. Everything can be edited with the exception of price and frequency (see increasing membership prices). An admin can also delete a membership plan if no one is on that plan.

Each membership plan has a special link that an admin can share to invite someone to the group on a specific membership plan.

Launching membership

To launch a membership, link the bank account and double-check the membership plans. Once everything looks good, launch! Congrats, your membership is live!

Head over to your membership analytics to see who signed up.

Once launched, membership can be managed by moving members across plans. To get help unlaunching a membership, get in touch with the Heylo team.