Events help the group get together. Whether meeting virtually or in person, events on Heylo help everyone in the group gather to the same place at the same time.

Events on Heylo are organized and social. Members can find all the info they need to actually show up and reduce one-off questions. Visible RSVPs and event chat help members stay engaged, before and after each event.

Published group events are organized on the event tab. This tab serves as a centralized location where group leaders and members can access upcoming events, discover new events, or quickly refer to past events from the group. Events are automatically sorted chronologically for easy navigation. There are no limits on the number of events or the number of members who can sign up. Past events are automatically archived for easy retrieval.

Each event has dedicated tools to help bring people together:

Heylo has the tools leaders need to host meaningful events and bring members together.

Event chat

Create event


Sign-ups and RSVPs

Draft events

My events

Attendance and check-ins

Reminders and notifications

Email newsletters

Google and search engine integration

Sign up for non-members

Event invites


Video link

Time zones

Add to personal calendar


Calendar view

Priority access

Waitlist and size caps

Recurring, repeating, and duplicating events

Integrate with Instagram and social media

Sign-up question


Export attendees

Event permissions

Paid event tickets