Recurring, repeating, and duplicating events

Events on a regular cadence can be automatically scheduled on Heylo with recurring events. Recurring events have the same event information such as name and photo, but the date automatically updates per the recommended frequency.

On Heylo, recurring events do not populate more than two at a time. For example, if there is a weekly recurring event, a member only sees the upcoming week’s event and next week’s event. Listing events in perpetuity reduces the need to collect sign-ups and engage with other members around the event.

To set a recurring event, toggle the recurring button when creating a new event and select the frequency. Current frequencies include:

  • Weekly
  • Biweekly (every other week)

To make local edits to only one event, edit the most recent upcoming event. To make edits to all future recurring events, edit the furthest out event. The second event is used as the base event to replicate going forward.

For events with a longer cadence, like monthly or annually, duplicate a past event. Duplicating events keeps all the event information pre-populated, and the date and time can be updated as needed.