Heylo serves as the place for your members to access the info they need to belong to your group and communicate with other members. However, Heylo doesn’t do everything! Where there are missing gaps, we strive to integrate Heylo with other software platforms to keep groups operating as seamlessly as possible.

Integrations include:

  • Google and search engines. Groups and events can be listed on Google and search engines. Admins can make their group discoverable in their admin settings, and their group page indexed on web and available for search on Google and search engines. It is optimized for search engine discovery to enable easy discoverability. Event pages can be indexed as well. As always, group and event pages can be controlled and disabled by a group admin.
  • Google and Apple calendar. When a host creates an event, or a member signs up for an event, they can add the event details directly to their personal calendar (mobile app only). However, they must check Heylo for any changes in the event status.
  • Google Maps. An event host can integrate a specific location for their event for easy navigation. Members can tap the navigation button, and the location automatically opens to Google Maps.
  • Mailchimp. Admins can automatically pass a member's name, email, and associated tag to an existing Mailchimp account. To set up Mailchimp integration, admins need their Mailchimp API key.
  • Instagram. Events on Heylo can be published to Instagram stories with one tap. Heylo will automatically generate an event promo card, and hosts and members can seamlessly share.
  • Shopify. Admins can automatically pass member emails from Heylo to a Shopify store to verify discount codes (see stores for more info).