Reporting inappropriate behavior

Everyone has access to reporting tools to flag inappropriate behavior on Heylo. Inappropriate behavior can include unwanted messages, unacceptable actions, or inappropriate photos.

There are two ways to report a member:

1. Navigate to a member’s profile, select the three-dot menu and then select “report”. Reports from profiles are best for issues with that specific person.

2. Open the overview of a topic or private message, and select “report”. Reports from topics or private messages are best for issues with that specific conversation.

When a report is submitted, the Heylo team first reviews the behavior. Anyone sending spam is removed entirely from the Heylo platform. Other issues are escalated to the specific group leaders. Only with permission from the reporter, details of the case are shared with the leaders of the group, and the leaders are encouraged to help resolve the issue with the support of the Heylo team.