Member directory

Every group on Heylo has a member directory. A member directory is a collection of profiles from people in the group. It is automatically created and updated with no incremental work from admins. The member directory allows both admins and members to easily find and connect with other members within a group. It’s a comprehensive list of all the members in the group, along with their profile information.  It is also searchable across all fields. For example, if a member is a teacher, another member can search “teacher” from the members tab. Member directories on Heylo have helped real estate agents find new clients, musicians find a band to play with, and travelers get tips from locals.

The members tab is automatically sorted as follows:

  1. Your name and profile
  2. New members who joined in the last 7 days
  3. Recent profile updates in the last 7 days
  4. Top attendees in the past month
  5. The group leadership team with titles
  6. All members, by first and last name

The member's directory includes all members active in the last 30 days in your group. Active is defined as visiting the Heylo group.

Whether looking for a specific person or simply want to explore the group's members, the member directory on Heylo provides a convenient way to discover and connect with other group members.