Event permissions

Creating events

Like all aspects of the group, admins can control who can create and edit events in the group permissions.


Event hosts can control who can see the event. There are several settings

  • Private. Only members with a specific role can see and sign up for the event.
  • Members only. All members of the group can sign up for the event, but non-members are not able to see the event.
  • Collab. The event is added to other groups on Heylo
  • Public. The event is visible on the group page and indexed to Google Search.

Sign up access

Non-members can sign up for your events. When creating an event, set Sign Up Access to “Event only”. Anyone with the link can sign up for your event without needing to sign up for the group. If the group has a waiver, they are also asked to complete the waiver. Non-members can access the full event details and join the event chat as well. They are listed as Guests on the attendee list.