Join a group

Heylo makes it seamless to join a group. When joining a group on Heylo, members are set up for success in seconds. Here is the onboarding experience for new members:

  1. [Optional] Sign group waiver
  2. Receive a welcome message from the group leader
  3. Complete brief profile

  4. Join topics
  5. Join events
  6. [Optional] If the group collects mandatory membership dues, complete payment

That’s it! New members are automatically added to the member directory and can start to see events, communications, and other members with profiles.

To join a group on Heylo, search by the name of the group. Search is limited to just the group name. Groups can also be listed as private on Heylo. Private groups require a specific invite link to join and cannot be searched.

Members who join a group can see groups that other members belong to. Groups that are not private are also listed on members' profiles. Groups that a member is connected to are listed in “Discover groups” in the top left of Heylo.