Pricing: Platform and processing fees

Heylo’s platform fee for payments is 3.7% + $0.59 USD + payment processing fees from Stripe.

Heylo makes money by helping leaders collect member payments. There are no other fees to use Heylo. Our business model aligns our incentives with leaders. Heylo only gets paid when groups get paid.

Why payments on Heylo

To survive over the long term, groups need a path to financial freedom. Payments help group leaders get the resources they need. Plus, when members pay, member engagement increases. People show up for what they pay for.

Heylo helps group leaders collect payments such as membership dues, supporting memberships, or paid events.

The best experience for group leaders and members alike is adding payments to Heylo. Because payments are integrated into the Heylo group, Heylo utilizes paywalls and social incentives to collect member payments. Admins no longer need to juggle multiple systems. Members can pay without friction by credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, right where they engage with the group.

Tailor who pays fees

Admins can select who pays fees for paid events. To pass fees onto members upon checkout, toggle "Abosb fees." If members pay fees, the group receives the full amount of the paid event ticket with no deduction.


Group leaders receive payments net of all payment fees. For example:

A group leader hosts a $100 paid event where the member pays fees.

  • Group member pays: $107.49
  • Heylo platform fee: $4.29
  • Stripe payment processing fee: $3.20
  • Group leader receives: $100.00

Seamless payouts

All payment processing fees are automatically deducted from payouts so leaders don’t have to add yet another bill to pay. Payments are collected and automatically sent to your linked bank account every Friday.

Cheaper than alternatives

Heylo’s fees are less than alternative payment platforms. Eventbrite charges 3.7% + $1.79, a full $1.20 more than Heylo with no need for leaders to pay organizer fees. Meetup is even more expensive at 7% + recurring organizer fees.