As groups grow, so do the time and cost to lead them. Whether it’s paying for insurance, food, equipment, or even compensating the leaders for their valuable time, money from members can help offset group costs.

Heylo helps group leaders collect money from members. Not only does collecting member payments lead to financially sustainable groups, but it also builds a stronger community. People value what they pay for. Paid groups, on average, have higher attendance, lower no-show rates, and increased engagement. Leaders realize that members care enough about the group to contribute, and the result is a stronger group.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to member payments. Each group has its own culture, and member payments must fit into the established rhythm of the group. Heylo, therefore, supports a wide range of payment tools that leaders can implement with their group. Select one or all!

Payments are seamless on Heylo because the group uses Heylo for events and communications. With everyone engaged, Heylo can leverage paywalls, social validation, and prompts to collect money. Leaders are not the payment police - Heylo handles that for them!

Heylo collects payments from members as instructed by the admin. Member payments are aggregated and deposited into the linked bank account automatically.

To get started with payments, add a ticket price to a new event or add membership tiers and link your bank account.

Heylo has helped thousands of leaders collect over $1M in payments. Learn more from what we learned!

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