Build community on Heylo

Heylo is designed to help groups build a vibrant and engaged community. Whether it's signing waivers, collecting payments, or joining events, every interaction within a Heylo group is an opportunity to bring people together and spark member engagement.

Heylo empowers members to communicate with each other without distracting from important leader communications. Member communications welcome new members, answer other members' questions, and help members get more value out of the group without creating more work for leaders. Members of groups on Heylo have made life-long friends, sought career help, and supported one another through their most challenging times. These interactions create a huge impact on members' lives, and the value accrues back to the group.

In addition to member communications, leaders get a dedicated space to communicate with and reach all members. Heylo's communication features are designed to strike a balance between member-to-member interactions and leader-to-member communications, ensuring that both aspects are well-served in a Heylo group and actually complement one another.

Communication tools on Heylo

There are several ways to communicate on Heylo:

  1. Topics: Topics are organized chats categorized by specific themes or interests. Members have the freedom to join the topics that align with their preferences and engage in discussions that interest them. By categorizing conversations, members can communicate in the topics that interest them and avoid information overload, noisy chats, and too many notifications. Topics are easily discoverable and facilitate focused discussions and help members connect with like-minded individuals within the group.
  2. Event Chats: Event chats provide dedicated spaces for attendees of specific events to communicate. When an event is created, an associated chat is automatically generated, and members are added to the chat upon signing up for the event. These event chats allow attendees to coordinate logistics, ask questions, and share excitement leading up to the event. Once the event concludes and there is no further activity in the chat, it is automatically archived, preserving the conversation history for future reference but keeping it separate from daily communications.
  3. Announcements Topic: The Announcements topic serves as a dedicated space where group admins can send messages to all members. It is prioritized at the top of the screen so important leader communications reach every member reliably. Additionally, the Announcements topic is integrated with email, enabling admins to extend their reach beyond the Heylo platform and communicate with members who may not be actively using the app.
  4. Direct Messages: Direct messages provide a private communication channel for one-on-one or small group conversations. Members can connect with specific individuals within the group, facilitating personal discussions, sharing confidential information, or collaborating on specific tasks. Direct messages enable deeper connections and more personalized interactions within the community.
  5. Benefits. Benefits are a dedicated space to display partners, playlists, and merch. Each benefit now comes with its own dedicated chat.

Strong communications serve as the backbone of groups and help everyone get the most out of the community.

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