Certain events require a maximum number of participants. Events with limited seating, or a game with a limits on number of players, for example, need a maximum participation limit.

With Heylo events, an admin or host can set a participation limit for the event. Attendees can register on a first come first serve basis, and everyone who registers, regardless of registration type, is added toward the size limit. The size limit does not include hosts or "interested".

Once the size limit is reached, anyone over the limit is added to a waitlist and the event chat. If someone can no longer attend and changes their registration, the next member is added to the registration list. They automatically receive a push notification from the mobile app and email to their inbox. The waitlist is visible to everyone so popular events remain transparent and fair.

Waitlist size caps can be edited anytime after an event is published (but before the event starts). Waitlists are automatically updated. For example, if there is an event with a 20-person cap and 10 on the waitlist, and the cap moves to 25, the first 5 attendees can move up.

Any host or admin can adjust the waitlist order by selecting the attendee's name and adjusting the order. No one is notified of changes to the waitlist order.