Group reps

Group reps are responsible for showcasing the group and welcoming new members. They are listed on the group page, and prospective members can communicate with them before joining the group.

Group reps are the only people in a group who non-members can interact with. For security, they must “accept” their group rep status.

To add a group rep:

  1. Head to the profile of the person
  2. Tap the three dots, then “manage member”
  3. Toggle “group rep” to nominate the person
  4. The person will receive a push notification and banner on the members screen; they must accept the request to be designated a group rep
  5. Once accepted, group reps appear on the group page with a heart icon next to their name and profile

Either members or admins can be nominated group reps. Group reps empower people to help promote the group, onboard new members, and keep the community vibrant.