Notification center

Heylo's notification center serves as a centralized hub for all the latest activities and important information on Heylo. It is designed to provide a summary of new events, messages, and other relevant updates. The notification center is also agnostic to individual groups. If you are in \multiple groups, all notifications from all groups will be consolidated in the notification center. Access the notification center by selecting the “bell” icon located at the top of Heylo.

Whenever there is a new activity, such as a new event, announcement, or message in a topic, the notification center will receive a badge notification. This badge serves as a visual indicator to alert new activity.

Each notification is tappable and will navigate to the appropriate screen in Heylo, whether it’s an upcoming event or a message sent in a topic.

The notification center ensures everyone stays informed about important updates and can easily navigate to the relevant information on Heylo.