Group attendance is summarized on the member's tab in a leaderboard. The leaderboard provides insight into who’s coming to events the most.

Events are recorded by check-in. Your members can check-in, or you can take attendance, and Heylo will automatically calculate a leaderboard each month as well as all time.

There are two views of the leaderboard:

  • All-Time Attendance: See who has been consistently showing up and supporting your group over time.
  • Monthly Attendance: Get a snapshot of attendance for the current month, helping you recognize and motivate active members.

How to use it

  • Engagement Insights: Understand group attendance patterns and identify most active members.
  • Recognition: Celebrate and reward top attendees, fostering a sense of achievement and community spirit.
  • Motivation: Encourage friendly competition and inspire members to attend more events.

How It Works

  1. Check-in: Members simply check in at events using the Heylo. Or, you take attendance.
  2. Track Automatically: The leaderboard automatically updates, displaying the top attendees.
  3. View: Access the leaderboard anytime on the Members tab to see real-time attendance stats.

Get Started

To start using the leaderboard, just ensure members are checking-in at each event. Visit the Members tab to see who’s leading the way in attendance.