Event collabs on Heylo empower groups to collaborate on an event together. Collabs allows groups to come together, pool their resources and efforts, and host big events that make a huge impact.

Groups who collab on an event in Heylo share the event across the groups. That means everyone gets one set of event details, one list of attendees, and one event chat to communicate. Hosts can rest assured that there is one surface to update and a centralized way to reach all attendees across all groups. Attendees can immediately meet other members of the group and use the same communication channel to connect with each other. There is no limit to the number of collab groups.

Here are a few examples of successful collabs on Heylo:

  • Women on Wheels and Brothers on Bikes collab on regular social rides
  • Midnight Runners, a global running group, hosted a collab event across all their groups and brought members from SF and Mexico to Los Angeles for a big anniversary
  • Running groups across San Francisco organized one big run to celebrate global running day

To create a collab:

  1. Start by creating an event
  2. Toggle “collab” when creating an event and select a group to invite. If the group isn’t visible, send the group an invite.
  3. Publish the event, and the admins of the invited group will receive an email notification
  4. One of the admins can approve the collab request by responding to the email
  5. The event is automatically added to the group that accepted the collab
  6. That’s it! All members of both groups can sign up to one event, meet other attendees, and share logistics and photos after in one event chat.