Growing group and discoverability

There are several ways to grow a group on Heylo. Before prioritizing discovery, group leaders are encouraged to deliver great experiences to their members, first and foremost.

Here are a few ways Heylo helps groups grow:

  1. Existing member invites. Heylo provides contact book integration and a myriad of ways for existing members to invite their friends and connections to your group. Most groups grow by members having a great experience and inviting others.
  2. Member profiles. If your group is discoverable, your group is listed in your member’s profiles. When they join other groups on Heylo, all the other groups can see your group.
  3. Heylo Discover. Groups get listed in a Heylo Discover experience for prospective members to explore. They are sorted by quality and connections.
  4. Search engines. With admin approval, Heylo group pages and group events are published on the internet and findable by search engines including Google and Bing.

Group discoverability

To make the group page discoverable to others on the Heylo platform and Google Search, navigate to group settings and group appearance, and toggle visibility to "ON".