Membership dues

Admins can use Heylo to collect a required membership from members. Because the group organizes and engages on Heylo, Heylo will create a paywall around the group that requires dues to be paid upon joining and revokes access when memberships are canceled. Admins can always make exceptions.

Unlike manual, one-time payment collection, memberships on Heylo are automatically recurring. Furthermore, members can sign up anytime, and Heylo will record the appropriate billing date and automatically bill for the future billing date. Admins no longer need to dread the due collection cycle! They can sign up new members throughout the year, and Heylo will manage all payments on their behalf.

Admins can create several payment options for members through membership tiers. For example, a group may have the following visible membership tiers:

  • Annual membership
  • Monthly membership
  • Scholarship

A member can select which tier is best for them and can change or cancel their membership directly in Heylo at any time.

In addition, a group can set a free trial time period, like 7 or 30 days, for members to experience the group before being required to pay. After the time period, Heylo displays a paywall and members must pay to access the group. Admins can still contact these members, but the members cannot access the group. Free trial periods can be edited by an admin at any time.

Membership tiers can be visible or hidden by the admin at any time.

Membership tiers provide ultimate flexibility by offering multiple ways for members to contribute back.