Personal events

Host personal events

Heylo events can be used for both events in a dedicated group as well as personal events. Whether it’s a birthday, private party, or game with extended friends, a personal Heylo event can help coordinate and connect attendees outside of a dedicated group.

Personal events have access to the power of Heylo:

  • Offer multiple registration options, like “Racing” or “Spectating”
  • Communicate in a dedicated chat
  • Add to personal calendar
  • Add a registration question to coordinate who is attending
  • Include a waitlist
  • Share location or video link
  • Help everyone get to know each other with profiles

To host a personal event:

  1. Navigate to My Events
  2. Press “New event”
  3. Publish event
  4. Invite your connections already on Heylo or off

Anyone invited who is not on Heylo can register for the event seamlessly. No password is required, no app download is needed. Everything is accessible from their computer, mobile browser or app.

Paid events are not yet available for personal events.

Only hosts can extend invites to personal events. Anyone you are connected to on Heylo can be made a host.

Adding personal events to groups

A personal event can be added to a group on Heylo. To add a personal event to a group, edit the event and navigate to the "Group" section of the event.

If the event creator is an admin of the group, the event is automatically added. If not, any visible group on Heylo may be requested. The event request is sent to the admins of the group. The admins can accept or reject the event.