Pages save important information for your group. They can contain a cover photo and title along with text or a link. Pages serve various purposes, such as displaying group guidelines, sharing helpful tips, or providing access to useful resources.

Pages are easily accessible to your members on Heylo, providing a centralized location for members to access important information and resources whenever they need them. Pages can be accessed via the group tab.

Here are some key features and uses of pages on Heylo:

  1. Information Hub: Pages can act as a central hub of information for your group. Admins can create pages with details about the group's purpose, guidelines, rules, or any other important information that members need to be aware of.
  2. Resource Library: Pages can be used to curate and share valuable resources related to the group's interests or objectives. This could include links to articles, documents, videos, or any other relevant materials.

Admins can control who in the group can create and edit pages under Permissions.

By utilizing pages on Heylo, groups can store important information and keep it readily accessible for members.