Safety and management

We strive to keep Heylo a safe and secure place for groups. On Heylo, admins have the ultimate control over their group. Admins can make anyone else an admin, or they can remove admin status from anyone, including themselves. There are no limits on the number of admins in a group. Admins can access controls of the group from the “Admin Settings” button on the group tab.

Group management

Admins have the authority to create and manage groups on Heylo. They can set group guidelines, configure settings, and customize the group's appearance and branding:

  • Customize the group link
  • Change the group appearance
  • Create new events, topics, page
  • Invite members
  • Update permissions

Member management

Admins can invite and add new members or admins to the group, as well as remove or ban members or admins. They have control over membership and can ensure the group remains inclusive and aligned with its purpose.

Event hosts

Admins also have host rights over every event in the group. That means they can take attendance, edit, delete, or cancel any event, or export attendees, even if they aren’t the host.

Communication controls

Admins have the ability to moderate group content, including messages, topics, events, and pages shared within the group. They can delete any content that violates group rules or guidelines.

  • Delete any message, GIF, or image in any topic or event chat
  • Delete any event, topic, or page

Note, admins do not have visibility into private chats or direct messages they are not a part of.

Payment settings

When a group collects payments on Heylo, admins control the payment settings including event tickets, membership plans, and linked bank accounts.

  • Access payment and member analytics
  • Change membership plans
  • Create ticketed events
  • Add, edit, or remove bank account info
  • Refund member payments

On Heylo, admins have ultimate control over the group.