Integrate with Instagram and social media

Heylo creates unique content for every event to share on social media and help promote the event. Heylo automatically creates event content with the correct date and time, and it can be accessed by anyone in the group, whether it’s members, hosts, or admins. Everyone gets high-quality content and can share it with their followers.

To get event content, tap the “Stories” button on your next event, and Heylo will automatically generate a photo or video with the upcoming event details. Content includes the event date, time, photo as well as the group name and logo. Choose between square and vertical formats so the content looks good on Reels, Stories, or any other platform. Event content can be shared directly to your Instagram (you can still make edits before posting), or it can be downloaded to the local camera roll.

24 hours before the event, event hosts will receive a reminder to post-event promos on their stories to get the word out about the upcoming event.