Event albums

Event albums collect and organize photos and videos from an event. Attendees can easily access photos to download and share to social media.

Automatic Sourcing

After the event, registered attendees receive a notification to contribute photos and videos to the album. Any member of the group can add up to 90 items at a time. There is no limit on file size.


Once content is added, other attendees are notified. Anyone in the group can access the album from the event and browse through the collection. Photos can be viewed in a gallery view or full screen and navigated by swiping left and right. Heylo works on any device, so sharing across iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and computers is pain-free. Photos and videos retain their original quality, and the uploader receives photo credit. Content is automatically sorted by recency.

Branded sharing

When shared from the album, Heylo automatically adds the event and group branding to the photo. Not only does the stamp make the photo official, it also attributes the photo back to the event and group and helps grow the community.


A group admin or host can delete any photo from the event album. Any member can delete the photo that they uploaded.

Event chat integration

Photos shared in the event chat are automatically added to the event album. Event chat is updated if there are photos added to the album, but photos are not added to the chat. They remain in the album.

Organized by date

Event albums are stored by event and sorted by date for easy navigation.