On Heylo, there are two ways to help attendees find an event location.

Add a location for navigation

First, a map location can be added to an event. It is a specific latitude/longitude location that is integrated with mapping services for easy directions and navigation. When creating an event, search for the specific location from the location search box.

Some events require even more specificity. Navigating to "Central Park" can be misleading! To select a more specific location on Google Maps, copy the "Plus Code", and paste the Plus Code into the location input in the Heylo event.

  1. To get a Plus Code, open the Google Maps app or https://plus.codes/map
  2. Select the desired location
  3. Copy the Plus Code at the bottom of the screen
  4. Paste the Plus Code in the Heylo location input

From Google Maps app, copy Plus Code on bottomFrom computer, copy Plus Code on bottom

Add a location detail

Additionally, hosts can also add a note on location. The extra context can help a member navigate to the event. For example, when a group meets in a restaurant, the host can designate the “table upstairs to the left”. The label is appended to the front of the event address for everyone to see.

Using both location fields cuts down on duplicative questions for hosts about where to actually meet.