Group permissions


We strive to keep Heylo a safe and secure place for groups. Admins have the ultimate control over their group. These permissions help maintain order, privacy, and the overall functioning of the group.

To edit group permissions, navigate to admin settings from the group tab, and then select "Permissions."

Permissions can be granted to all members, admins only, or specific Roles.

Permission controls for onboarding new members

Admins control who joins their group and how their group appears on Heylo.

  • Discoverability. Heylo can help promote your group by making it discoverable. Discoverable groups appear in Heylo Discover and on the profiles of members. When they join other groups on Heylo, all the members in those groups can see the discoverable group. Furthermore, Heylo helps discoverable groups by indexing group pages and surfacing them on the web and search engines, like Google and Bing.
  • New member approval. When set to manual, admins must approve all new members before they join the group on Heylo. This setting is agnostic of discoverability. Instead of seeing a “join” button on a group page, new prospective members can “request to join”. The request sends a push notification to admins, and the prospective member is listed at the top of the members screen. Admins can either accept or reject the member. If accepted, the member gets automatically added to the group, notified, and presented with an invitation on Heylo. If rejected, the pending request disappears, and no one is notified. An admin can always initiate a direct message with a prospective member as well if any additional information is needed.
  • Invitations. Admins can restrict who can send invitations to the group. When restricted to admins, members must communicate directly with admins via in-person or chat to request new members to be invited to the group.

Permission controls for members

Group permissions on Heylo also determine the level of access and actions that members can perform within a group.

  • Topics. New members can create new topics from the topics screen
  • Pages. New members can create new topics from the content screen
  • Events. New members can create new topics from the events screen
  • Event check-in counts. Admins can control who can see total check-in counts on other members’ profiles.

It's critical for admins to carefully consider and configure group permissions to strike a balance between collaboration and privacy. By setting appropriate permissions, admins can create a safe and productive environment for group members to interact and engage according to the group’s culture and values.