Event cover photo

Event cover photos are the first impression and set the tone of an event. Heylo helps leaders quickly add a photo that puts the event first, without needing to leave the platform.

Leaders can add an event cover photo one of several ways:

  1. Generate with Heylo AI. Use Heylo AI to generate a photo. The photo is unique to the event and custom-built for the group. It is designed to be uplifting, attractive, and enticing for members to join. And it’s built right into the event creation flow, so there's no need to jump across apps to get a great photo. Heylo AI not only prompts AI with the name of the event, but it also provides relevant, anonymized information from your group to improve the image quality.
  2. Upload from Album. Access group photos with the album, and add the group photo that best reflects the event.
  3. Upload from Device. Access the personal device to add a photo to the event.
  4. Take a Photo. Use the device camera to take a photo and add it directly to the event. Only available on the mobile app.