Prospective members

Prospective members are people who have requested to join a private group. When someone requests to join, they are prompted to complete their profile, providing information that helps the admins get to know them better before granting approval.

Admins receive a badge indicating the presence of a pending member request on the members tab. Additionally, if opted-in for push notifications, a notification is sent when a new request is submitted.

Any admin has the authority to either accept or reject membership requests. If a request is rejected, the prospective member can reapply at a later time if they wish to join the group.

Furthermore, admins have the option to engage in direct messaging with prospective members to ask follow-up questions or seek additional verification if needed. This allows admins to ensure the compatibility and suitability of potential members within the group.

By carefully considering membership requests and engaging in communication when necessary, admins can help maintain the integrity and quality of the group community.