Notification settings

Notifications are critical for staying connected and informed in a group. However, managing a flood of notifications can sometimes become overwhelming. Heylo is designed only to provide helpful information and reduce noise. Admins and members can control their push notifications to adjust the level of notifications.

To control notifications, navigate to your account in the top right, and toggle on or off notifications to adjust notification settings.


  • To turn off all email notifications for events, announcements, and weekly communications, toggle the email notification button.


  • New members. Receive a notification when new members join the group


  • New topics. Receive a notification when a new topic
  • New messages. Receive a notification when a new message is sent in a topic or event chat you have joined
  • Members joining your topics. Receive a notification when members join topics you are in
  • @mentions. Receive a notification when someone @mentions


  • New events. Receive a notification when a new event is created, and the host elects to notify everyone
  • Event updates. Receive a notification when an event you are attending is updated and the host elects to notify everyone
  • Weekly upcoming events. Receive a notification reminder each week for upcoming events

Mute by group

Push notification settings can be toggled on and off by group. If push notifications are toggled off, no push notifications are sent to the recipient from that group. They still remain in the group. Mutes are not visible to others.