Private topics

Private topics enable people in the group to communicate in private. They remain on the topics tab, and only members of the group can be invited. They are separate from a private group chat where anyone connected to others on Heylo can be invited to join outside of the group.

To create a private topic, press the create topic button from the topic screen, and then toggle on “private.” Invite initial participants from the group, and they’ll be automatically added to the private topic. Anyone can leave the private topic at any time, and a system notification will be printed when left.

After a private topic is created and messages are sent, new members can still be added by any member of the private topic. When someone new joins a private topic, they are not able to see messaging history.

Any member of the private topic can remove any other member as well. To rejoin, simply get an invite from another member.

Default private topic: Admins

Groups on Heylo have a default private topic for admins. Admins can use the private topic to plan upcoming events, chat about big initiatives, or more admins to bring on to the leadership team.

Anyone with the Admin role is automatically added to the admin private topic. If an admin leaves the private topic, they can still remain admin but must be invited back to the private admin topic as a member.