Registrations and RSVPs

Events can offer multiple registrations to give hosts and attendees maximum transparency and flexibility.

Custom registrations

Event hosts and admins can tailor the action word as best for their group. The default is "Going." A description can also be added.

Multiple registrations

Add additional registrations to organize members in advance. Event hosts and admins can set as many different registrations as they would like, and members can select the one that best fits them.

In addition, members can sign up as “Interested” to join the event chat but not register. Or they can select “Not going”.

Default registrations

By default, an event has two additional registration options. Event hosts can toggle default registrations on or off, but default registrations cannot be edited.

Interested: Attendees can join the event chat and receive event updates without formally committing to join the event.

Not going: Invited members can inform the hosts and other attendees that they cannot attend. They do not receive updates.


When a member registers for the event, other members can see it. Visible registrations build camaraderie before the event, encourage sign-ups, reduce no-shows, and help members connect.

Changing and cancel registration

Members can change their sign-up to an event by navigating to the event and tapping "change registration" at the bottom. Unless it is a paid event, there are no penalties for adjusting, and attendees can change or cancel their registration anytime until the start of the event.

Open and close registration

A host or admin of the group can close a registration after an event is published. When an event registration is closed, no one can sign up for the registration. Existing members who signed up for the registration can stay, but if they change their registration they cannot sign up again.

A closed registration can also be opened again.