Reminders and notifications

Heylo ensures all members have access to the key information to join events. When hosts create a new event or edit an existing one, they can save it silently or announce it to the group.

Canceled events are communicated across all channels. Deleted events are reserved for mistakes and are quietly removed.

When an event is created or updated, members can see through several methodologies to ensure no one misses critical info:

  • Event badges: When new events are published within your group, Heylo uses event badges to draw attention to them. On the events tab, new events are marked with a "new" badge, indicating that they are recently added. Once a member has viewed the event, the "new" badge is removed. The events tab also provides a count of new events, making it easy to stay updated on the latest additions to your group's event calendar.
  • Notification center: Every person on Heylo has a personal notification center located at the top of the app or desktop interface. This centralized hub serves as a summary of new activities within the group. When there is recent activity, such as new or updated events, the notification center receives a badge notification. This feature ensures that people can quickly access the latest information about events without having to navigate through various sections of the app.
  • Email: Everyone who signed up for the group AND members invited by email but has not signed up yet will receive an email notification about a new event at the discretion of the host.
  • Push notification: If the member has signed up and installed the mobile app with push notifications enabled, they will receive a push notification when a new event is created.

Host and admin reminders

Every Sunday, ahead of email newsletter distribution, admins will receive a reminder if there are upcoming events for the week. Hosts will receive a reminder 24 hours before the event.

24 hours before the event, hosts are reminded to share event Instagram promotions on social media.

Attendee reminders

Members with the mobile app installed can receive push notification reminders. 24 hours before the event, and then 30 minutes before the event, attendees receive a push notification reminding them of the event.


Either an admin or a host can update an event. Upon saving the updated event, select how to notify members. Notifications can be sent to just registered members, or all members in the group.