Groups mean many people! Invite others to the group, even when getting started. They can see how communications, events, chats, profiles, and waivers work, in real time.

To invite someone to join the group, navigate to the members tab and select the invite action button on the top right. Invites are personalized by group and by the sender. The recipient will see the profile photo of the inviter when joining. Personalization improves onboarding conversion.

There are several ways to invite someone to join a group:

Note, admins of a group can restrict invitations to admin-only in the permissions.

  1. Link. Copy the link and paste it into any other messaging tool or social media platform.
  2. Email. Recipients receive a personalized email invitation. See a sample in the email invite dialogue box. Also, invite all members by email.
  3. Contact book [Mobile only]. Grant access to contacts and select contacts to invite.
  4. QR code [Mobile only]. Scan the QR code to join your group
  5. Share Sheet [Mobile only]. Invite via another app on your phone
  6. Last, just tell them to get Heylo and search for your group (note, your group must be discoverable in permissions.)

Admins can also invite other admins. As an admin, you can toggle the invite to be “member” or “admin” once you select the invite button from the members tab.