Supporting memberships

A supporting membership provides leaders the benefit of membership dues without the rigidity of a mandatory payment. The group stays open and free, but members can choose to join the membership and support the group at their option. Many groups on Heylo collect supporting memberships without any benefit other than helping offset the costs of the group. However, an admin can ascribe benefits to the membership plan with a role.

Best practices

  • Be transparent! Help the leadership team and members understand WHY there is a supporting membership
  • Don't be shy. Include the supporting membership in group communications, both on Heylo and in person
  • Reiterate your mission. Remind members why they are here. They are more likely to contribute.

Setting up supporting membership

To set a supporting membership, navigate to membership type in the admin settings. Members can still join the group without payment, but they can sign up for a paid membership at their discretion anytime from the group tab. Supporting memberships are automatically recurring and cancellable anytime.

Add a message to the supporting membership to clarify the mission and why the membership helps support the group.

Member communications

After launching the membership, Heylo will automatically prompt membership reminders to free members after 1 week of joining and every 2 weeks thereafter. Supporting membership is also available for members to join from the group tab or events.