Paid event tickets

Collect money in advance with paid event tickets on Heylo.

Leaders have used paid events on Heylo to organize volleyball tournaments, running challenges, brunches, parties, and family picnics. Not only do the extra resources enhance the event experience, but payment in advance also reduces no-shows. Paid events hold everyone accountable and help members show up.

Furthermore, all events on Heylo, paid events are social. Members can see who is hosting and attending, and the event chat builds momentum before the event starts. Making group events social on Heylo typically increases payment volumes beyond leader expectations, especially when paid events are utilized in an active group.

On Heylo, leaders collect money anytime before the event. Members sign up with payment info, and then their payment info is billed at the designated event collection time. The timing can be controlled by setting a cancellation period as described below.

Payments are paid out automatically when money is received via the linked bank account. There is no waiting for a manual payout or after the event ends. Hosts often need the money in advance of the event, anyways!

Creating a paid event

To create a paid event, start by creating an event and toggle on the ticket price. Ticket prices show hosts both before and after platform and processing fees. Fees are not passed on to the member to maintain professionalism for the event.

A bank account must be linked in order for the paid event to be published.

Cancellation period and refunds

The host of the event can determine the cancellation period for the event. The cancellation period sets when the payment is collected. For example, if an event is at 6:00 pm with a 12-hour cancellation period, payments from signed-up attendees will be collected at 6:00 am that same day. To collect payment immediately, set a payment cancellation period greater than the time to sign up for the event.

A member can change their event sign-up any time before the cancellation period without charge. After the cancellation period, sign-ups cannot be changed and the event becomes non-refundable. Anyone who signs up after the cancellation period is charged immediately. If there is an issue with refunds during this period, get in touch with the Heylo team.

By default, events have a 12-hour cancellation policy prior to the start of the event.

Early bird tickets and changing event price

Event hosts can change the price of the event over time. Members are charged for the price at the moment in which they sign up which gives the host ultimate control over event pricing.

For example, if a host wants to encourage early sign-ups, they can use an early bird pricing structure. The event can start at $10 per ticket, and then increase to $20 at the host's discretion. Anyone who signs up at $10 is charged $10 no matter the cancellation policy.

Once an attendee signs up for a paid event, an admin can adjust the price for that specific person on an individual basis until the cancellation period expires.

Signing up for a paid event

When a member signs up for a paid event, they must have valid payment info for their account. A preauthorization charge confirms their payment amount. Thereafter, their card is charged in accordance with the payment terms of the event.

Paid events are the ultimate way to ensure attendance and deliver a great experience for members.