Waiver signatures

Waivers, or liability releases, can provide members with context on the group’s activities and risks associated with them. Furthermore, when legally sound, they can serve as a release of liability from the leaders of the group.

Heylo can help group leaders get waivers signed. By uploading the waiver language to Heylo, members must sign the waiver in order to participate in the group’s activities by digitally signing with a check mark: “I have read, understand, and agree to…” on the waiver. If the member does not sign, they are not allowed to join the group. Members only need to sign the waiver once, not for every single event.

Launch waiver signatures

To launch your waiver:

  1. Head to the admin settings under the group tab and select “Waiver Collection”
  2. Copy and paste your waiver language into the text section on Heylo. Note, rich text is not supported
  3. Save and select who should sign. The selected recipients must sign the waiver in order to continue to participate in the group.

To update a waiver, admins can add new text to the form and select save. Admins can select who should sign the new waiver - only admins or just new members.

View waiver status

An admin can view waiver status anytime:

  1. Member insights
  2. During event attendance, admins can see who has not yet signed a waiver
  3. Member CSV export

When a waiver is signed, a timestamp and version of the document are marked in Heylo’s databases and recoverable if ever required by either party. To recover a signed waiver document, contact the Heylo team.

Group leaders should give members adequate time to read and accept the waiver. While seemingly complex, waivers can help members understand the potential risks associated with joining the group and attending events. Heylo handles the friction by collecting waiver signatures and providing sufficient time for members to read and accept the terms of the group before joining.