Create a group

Anyone can create a group on Heylo. Whether it’s a long-time group or just getting started, Heylo can be the group’s home for organization, communications, and payments.

There are no fees to create a group on Heylo. Heylo is free to use! We make money by helping groups collect payments. If you are a free group, you can use Heylo for free.

To create a group on Heylo:

  1. Navigate to create a group
  2. Select your group’s name and privacy setting. Don’t worry, you can change either at any time
  3. Add a photo. It helps convey what the group is all about
  4. Invite a few others to join and help get set up
  5. Add your first event

That’s it! In less than a minute, you can have a group up and running on Heylo, for free.