Event chat

Event chats on Heylo provide a dedicated space for real-time communications with attendees. Hosts and organizers can reach everyone with real-time communications, and members can ask and answer their own questions. Whether it’s planning logistics or sharing photos, event chat helps connect everyone before and after the event, without blowing up the full group communications.

When an event is created on Heylo, an event chat is automatically generated for that event. Hosts and attendees are automatically added to the chat.

Once the event concludes and there are no more messages for 24 hours, the event chat is automatically archived. This helps keep the group chats organized and focused on the specific event timeline. However, anyone can still access the chat history to revisit previous discussions and retrieve important information by going to that specific event and selecting the “chat” button.

Event chat empowers attendees to connect with each other, ask questions, share updates and photos, and engage in conversations related to the event. It helps create a sense of community among event attendees and facilitates effective communication before, during, and after the event.