Private chat groups

Private chats on Heylo offer a way to engage in more personal and focused conversations that are not limited to members of a single group. These private chats can include members from the same group or even individuals from different groups.

Private chats are not discoverable by members - they are invite only. No one else can see a private group chat, including admins of the group.

Here's how to start a private group chat:

  1. Navigate to private messages by selecting the "message" icon in the top right corner.
  2. Click on the "New" button to create a new private chat.
  3. Invite the desired individuals to join the private chat.
  4. Begin the conversation by sending the first message.

Invited participants are instantly added to the private chat and can start receiving notifications and messages right away. The private chat will appear in their private messages.

Private chats are not discoverable by other members. They are invite-only, ensuring that only those who are specifically invited can join and participate.

In a private chat, any participant has the option to leave the chat by navigating to the arrow icon in the top right corner of the chat and selecting the "leave" option. While others in the private chat are not directly notified, a system notification is displayed in the chat to inform everyone about the departure (unlike leaving a topic). If someone leaves, they cannot rejoin the private chat unless they are re-invited by another participant.

The management of private chats is flexible. Any participant can invite new individuals or remove existing ones as needed.

When someone joins a private chat, a system notification is displayed in the chat to indicate when someone is added to the conversation. New participants do not have access to the message history.